Welcome to LALAVANDA

...an organic skincare line that promotes natural beauty, self-care, and harmony.
Harmony between you and nature, between you and your skin.

Through LALAVANDA I wanted to offer a collection of unisex skincare products that are carefully crafted to work with your skin's natural chemistry..


From nourishing botanicals to powerful active ingredients, all of my formulations have been inspired by the magic of Mediterranean botanicals, with lavender being the main hero.
All ingredients are organic, which shows my commitment to quality, purity, and safety that extends beyond marketing claims.

Also, all ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free so you can enjoy products that do good to yourself and your environment.

In terms of their properties, they all have one thing in common- being both gentle, yet effective. The best example is lavender, a plant so gentle yet powerful. Soothing the skin, without irritating it, this is where the real magic happens.

My products are packed in recyclable glass and cardboard and I will announce a sustainability program soon, where you will be able to contribute aswell. I hope you are at least a bit excited about all of this as I am :)

Stay tuned chicos and chicas.

Lots of love,



Questions,comments? Feel free to reach out :)